The English idiom, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” refers to how a complex idea can be communicated with just a simple picture. This picture can communicate important messages, individual perspective, brand image, and a corporation’s voice more effectively than words. In industries like construction, instagram can give viewers an inside look on what is going on behind the barriers such as a first hand look at jobsite updates, flashback to the past, future projects and timelapse videos. But more importantly promote the company’s brand and image, the heart and soul of a company’s corporate culture and values lived through the experiences of a company’s employees and leadership.


Granger Construction Company currently does not have an Instagram page. Thus presenting the opportunity to look into how an Instagram account can help promote the company’s mission statement: Improving the Customer Experience and brand awareness/recognition along with other social media accounts. For this competitive study, I initially researched a total seven organizations that are considered Granger Competitors.  However, three competitors do not have instagrams, yet two are searchable by hashtag. And the other two are indirect competitors. Therefore, for the purpose of this competitive analysis for MI 841, I chose to look at two construction companies that are direct competitors to Granger: Clark Construction and Turner Construction Company. The goal of this competitive analysis is to study and analyze how Clark and Turner Construction use Instagram to promote their brand and capture audiences with their construction related content. By analyzing these two direct competitors it will give the Granger MarComm Team and Leadership an idea of how to effectively promote the Granger Brand on Instagram through images and caption content, what type of content does better than others, and how it can be woven into our corporate mission, values and culture.


The two construction companies that are were looked at in depth: Clark Construction and Turner Construction. Clark Construction has a single Instagram account while Turner has multiple Instagram accounts due to their size and that they are a nationwide organization. Out of the Instagram related Turner accounts the two that were doing the best and that I found most capturing of my attention were: Turner Construction New York City  (@turner_nyc) and Turner Construction Community (@turnerconstructioncommunity)Page. Below is some background information of the two firms:





Clark Construction is a family-owned Michigan-based commercial construction and construction management company founded in 1946. The areas they serve are Lansing and Metro Detroit. The company’s portfolio covers Higher Education, K-12 Education, Science, Technology & Research, Healthcare, Retail/Mixed-Use spaces, Casino, Resort, Hotel and Sports Facilities, Corporate Offices, Manufacturing & Industrial, Government and Correctional projects. This company is considered a direct competitor to Granger Construction based on the listed above market segments and the services such as: BIM (Building Information Modeling), IPD (Integrated Project Delivery) , Estimating, Scheduling and other technology.  Website:



Turner Construction is a construction company giant. They are located in North America with offices all around the USA offering construction services in diverse market segments. Turner has a staff of roughly 6,000 employees and completes about $12 billion of construction and 1,5000 projects each year.  Their main market segments include: Commercial, Aviation/Transportation, Data Center, Education, Government, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Manufacturing & Industrial, Sports Facilities, Residential Hotels and more. And their services include Design-Build, Procurement Services, Medical Planning & Procurement, BIM, and Lean Construction. Website:



The content types that were most prevalent and in common between the two construction firms, are community engagement, employees, diversity, historical and project photographs (renderings and  in-progress photographs), video and marketing materials.

Community Service:  What type of content portrayed in the postings, the number of likes, and how each of the community engagement posts compared to each other from Clark Construction, Turner Construction NYC, and Turner Community Accounts.

Employees:  How are employees being displayed in the posted content and how is the content related back to the work environment. Is there a pattern in how each company captures their employees embodying the company core values and culture?

Diversity: Do the company’s show a diverse workforce? What types of diversity  What types of diversity posts are being shared?

Project Photographs: How do Turner and Clark use their Instagram pages to highlight project related posts? This includes: final photographs, in-progress photographs, video time lapse, miscellaneous posts (holiday, hiring, and other marketing content).

Historical: Frequency of historical posts in Construction is prevalent since construction companies have been around since the early 1900s. Therefore how frequent is corporate history being acknowledged and how does it relate to users - does it resonate with users?


After reviewing the researched categories of the analysis: Community Service, Employees, Diversity, Project Photographs, and Historical and the type of content that each of the construction company’s used to push messages, their culture and their corporate mission and values. It seems that other construction company’s use Instagram to display through photographs their corporate culture, values and overall mission of the organization.  Clark Construction uses #buildontrust #clarkcc - which is apart of their mission and values. Turner Construction essentially has turned their corporate values and “who they are” into hashtags for social media use: #builtbyturner #turnerconstruction #teamwork #integrity #commitment #safety and #turnerdifferencem-(see here), and thus seems to work well for the organization as shown with the size of their over following of 27.5K on one IG account.By using content that directs/relates to corporate culture it  gives audience members a glimpse into the organization’s values and culture. While it probably does not have a dollar amount attached to the value, or affect the bottom line, it can be huge selling point for future employee and recruitment opportunities. (Click Here to Read Full Report)


Moving Forward for Granger Construction

For Granger Construction, the competitive analysis has afforded us the ability to observe other organization’s functioning Instagram pages and begin to craft our own IG page. On the Granger Construction IG Page we could potentially use our corporate values, mission and the value proposition and weave it into the content we post on our new IG page.

Curation of Content

Establishing and creating an Instagram for Granger wouldn’t be a separate job  - it would be built into the daily tasks we already do. Organic / in the moment posts with appropriate hashtagging and context can get us reachable data. For example if one of use is on a job site we can snap a quick still or photograph on an iPhone of what’s going on and that’s the post of the day. Or if we are doing a RightStart  meeting an overall photograph of what’s going on – creates an arsenal of content. An in the moment post can refer audiences to our Facebook page when the blog post is posted. Live videos are also a function of the platform and can allow us while on a jobsite to show something cool that is happening.

Below are the following suggestions for content:

  1. Potential tags could include: #advancetheartofbuiliding #goldenrule #humble #safety #improvingthecustomerexperience and more. However, would caution the amount of about the company and make sure to include overall tags that allow us to be flagged across the IG site.   

  2. Post content that embodies the company culture and mission will give outside audience members, clients and potential clients, strong visulas of the organization in a visual sense.

  3. A competitive edge, strategically post content to drive engagement, ride the coattails of a community event/statewide campaign, promote employees from within, push for diversity, and honor our historical past.

  4. Up Close and personal shots - fun angles and perspectives. Could potentially do a internal campaign that allows different employees to compete “Post Perspective” - photo taken through the eyes of an estimator, engineer, project manager etc.

  5. Equipment use photographs and timelapse videos - speed up webcam footage  and tie the posting to how Granger Advances the Art of Building.