How long have you been doing this? 

I have been doing part-time photography for about 6 years. Photography is my creative space, it is where I get to have fun outside of my career of product design. 6 years doesn't seem like a lot but it’s been a great opportunity to really find my place in the photography world and hone in on what I offer to clients.


What is your style?

My style of photography is what you would call natural light and candid. While I have shot inside for events such as weddings or social gatherings, a lot of my work is outdoors. I don't have a studio and sessions are at a location that works for both myself and the client, or a specified location based on the shoot I am offering. I like doing things unplanned and candidly, and I will most likely at every shoot have music playing in the background. 


Can you photoshop me? Add someone who is missing? Take someone out? 

I want you to love yourself and a big advocate for that. I don’t use photoshop to alter your appearance, add someone or remove a person. However, I’ll use it sparingly to remove blemishes or acne.


I hate my photo taken, and look awkward in photos…

I hear you and understand. I don’t really like using poses, I just want you to be yourself. Your true self. And have fun! If you are really feeling self-conscious about it - please let me know! I will always have music on in the background to help with the mood and hopefully make you forget about the camera and just be yourself.


Do you help with planning outfits., etc? 

YES! Absolutely! Depending on the shoot I will always help with ideas and clothing choices. Once you are booked we will start that part of the planning! The right outfit has to fit your personality, make you feel comfortable, portray the look you are going for, but most of all make it you! Stay true to yourself. If you want to do rentals or buy clothing I can definitely point you into the right direction. Very rarely, I will provide clothing options, it really up to you and your wardrobe. But I will definitely help you piece together the look you are going for! If you are planning to rent clothing for your shoot - I will provide recommendations!


So excited for my session, what should I expect?

Once the date is booked and time set! I will text or email you a questionnaire and either meet up with you in person or do a video chat and start planning! I have found that it is so much better to meet with the photographer ahead of time even if it is for a 10 minute FaceTime chat! I will be able to get your questions answered, erase any anxiety of the “first meeting” and “who should i be looking for?!” The more comfortable you are beforehand the more relaxed the session will go and the more natural the photos will turn out. 


Do you offer print images? 

No, I do not. When you are booked, the session completed you are given the printing rights for the photographs taken and released. All responsibility of printing, getting books are of the client. 


Do you release the RAW photos? 

RAW files will remain the property of the photographer and are not available under any circumstances for purchase otherwise. They are an unfinished product and are not representative of me and my work as a photographer. 

Deposits and session fees

There are a variety of ways you can pay for your session! I really like Venmo - (@minachristine). But prefer - cash, no change available. 


What are Smoke Grenades? 

The colorful smoke bombs that you see in photographs are something I started using. Smoke bomb photography is a technique of adding realistic effect of smoke to sessions. I use colorful smoke bombs to produce unique photographs. The smoke bombs are completely legal, they don't stain clothing unless you point it right at yourself (trust me I've done it to myself before... not recommended!). The ones I use last about 60 seconds and the smaller ones are around 30 seconds. I'm telling you they are cool and fun to add to your sessions! Not all sessions come with smoke bombs, but are available to add for a fee , just ask me ahead of time!


If you have to cancel a session or want to reschedule it must be done 48 hours in advanced. I will keep all paid monies and allow the you to reschedule using said monies toward the cost of a new session. 

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