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Visual Design

Graphic Design


Infographics are a great way to communicate a lot of information, and sometimes complicated info across the masses. As the designer I want to make sure anyone can understand the information being presented in a clean, clear and bitable way. 

These graphics not just are great for non-profits, small businesses and big corporations also for social campaigns. 

Graphic Design


For business owners and professional groups. Your logo is your brand, they portray your creative genius and a true investment in yourself.


Logos (in my opinion) should be;

Fluid: A logo that works on print, digital and t-shirts

Sizable: looks great small, but also very large

Colors: Simple, 2 colors maybe 3, within brand colors

Theme: Agricultural themed, not too complicated 

Graphic Design

Brochures, Flyers, Pamphlets, Posters

Like infographics, brochures, flyers and pamphlets are a great way to get information to a variety of individuals. Communication can be anything from events and services, to promoting a new website & application. Thinking about the flow of information is key to a successful design. The last thing you want as a designer, is for your poster or pamphlet to end up in the trash. 

Charity Posters/Ilustration


I had a wonderful opportunity to design a poster of iconic Key & Peele Skit – “Substitute Teacher” capturing Zack Pearlman’s character – A.ARON. Design was made for auction promoting the release of the movie “The Intern” starring Anne Hathaway, Rober De Niro, and Zack Pearlman (2015)

Product Logo/Branding


A family friend approached me about designing a  wine label for his vineyard and wine bottles. 33 Arch Vineyard, draws inspiration from the Sio-se-pol Bridge. Sio-se-pol is a stone double-deck arch bridge located in Isfahan, Iran. The design was made in Adobe Illustrator and mockups of the wine label was made in XD.


I absolutely loved designing this logo and the wine itself is pretty darn good!

Mina Hami

Michigan Based UX Designer

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